Monday’s Moment

None of them can by any means redeem his brother, nor give to God a ransom for him (Psalm 49:7).
In what do you find salvation? In what do you find hope? In what do you find deliverance? In what do you find strength? In what do you find peace?
These things are not found in the things of this world; these things are not found in temporary things. These things are found only in Christ Jesus.
The Psalmist wrote of those who trust in the riches of this world. The riches of this world offer many pleasures, but each of these are very fragile and temporary. Peter warned that this world and the lust thereof will one day be burned up (II Peter 3:10). Whereas, in contrast, Jesus spoke of eternal treasures laid up in Heaven (Matthew 6:19-21).
The Psalmist also wrote, as did Solomon, that all men die, both the rich and the poor. The challenge is not what one has in this life, but what he or she does with what they have. Having millions of dollars will not usher one into Heaven and being destitute does not assure one a heavenly home. God promises an eternal home in Heaven for all who faithfully serve Him (II Timothy 6:8).
All the words of man, in all the languages of man cannot and will not save a single soul. But, the word of God, given from God to man can save the world.
Let us use the blessings of God to the glory of God.