Monday’s Moment

O send out thy light and thy truth: let them lead me; let them bring me unto thy holy hill and to the tabernacles (Psalm 43:3).
What a great prayer; what a great desire. The Psalmist prayed unto God for His guidance through His word. We are so wonderfully blessed. The word of God is available around the world, in so many different languages. God’s word is available in book form, in audio, on the internet, and many other ways. Each making it possible for us to have the word of God and to know the word of God. As the inspired men penned the word of God, I do not know if they could have imagined the Bible being available, to the masses,  as it is.
I travel to many places where they do not have the abundance of food, shelter and clothing as we do in the United States. Many of these individuals cannot imagine, what is taken for granted in the US. We would think it strange for an individual, surrounded by food, to starve. There is an illness, which causes the individual to imagine themselves as overweight, thus they are repulsed by food and literally starve themselves to death.
There is also an “illness” which causes the individual to imagine themselves as spiritually fit, thus they are repulsed by feeding upon the word of God and starve themselves to death. God calls this illness: sin. Sin separates us from God and sin separates us from the word of God. Yes, there are those in the world who do not have ready access to the word of God, but what of those who do?
God has sent His light; God has provided His word. Let our prayer be that we walk in the light of God and that we feast upon His word.