Monday’s Moment

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want (Psalm 23:1).
The man who was a shepherd boy; the shepherd who was a king made the above quoted declaration. David understood the role of the shepherd and he understood the need of the sheep. David realized that the sheep were dependant upon the shepherd and that the shepherd had to recognize their role. The sheep were totally defenseless therefore the shepherd provided their protection; the sheep had to be led to proper food and water, the shepherd provided that guidance; the sheep needed care: internally and externally, the shepherd provided that care.
With a light perusal of the Bible, it is readily seen that God likens men to sheep and Himself as the shepherd. We (mankind) need constant care and God is the caregiver. Satan presents himself as a shepherd but he is not the true shepherd; Satan is indeed the wolf is sheep’s clothing. Satan is the one from whom the true Shepherd protects His sheep. God leads His sheep to the place where we may feast, but Satan desires to lead us to a place of famine. God leads His sheep to the place of cool, refreshing water, but Satan desires to lead us into a desert.
Mankind and sheep share many similarities but there is also a great difference. God had given mankind the power to reason and make decisions. God had given mankind freewill, with which we can choose God as our shepherd or Satan as our shepherd.
God said to Israel of old: “I have set before you life and death…choose life.” God continues to put life and death before man and God still desires man to choose life. Let us make sure we choose the true Shepherd.