Logan Martin Vacation Bible School

Welcome to the “official” information page for the Logan Martin Church of Christ Vacation Bible School 2013

We are excited about our theme of “The Bible is God’s Word” for our VBS. Classes will be offered for the smallest child all the way up through the oldest adult, and everywhere in between.

You don’t want to miss this VBS, Look at these lessons our young people will be studying!

Sunday July7th @
9:00 am – How we got the bible
6:00 pm – The Bible is a treasure map

Monday July 8th @ 7pm – “The Bible predicts the future”
Tuesday July 9th @ 7pm – God’s commands help us
Wednesday July 10th @ 7pm – Sharing God’s word with others


For our adults look for these lessons!

Sunday July7th @
9:00 am – How the bible came to us
6:00 pm – The Bible is inspired

Monday July 8th @ 7pm – “The Bible and prophecy”
Tuesday July 9th @ 7pm – “The Bible and Science”
Wednesday July 10th @ 7pm – “Are there mistakes in the bible?”


Each night our “little people” will participate in crafts, and we will end Wednesday with a good old fashioned Ice Cream Social, Please make plans to be with us!