June 9, 2013

  • Fundamental Foundations class every Sunday at 5pm downstairs.
  • Pew Packers meets every Sunday at 5:40pm!
  • Please check the Prayer List on the back of the bulletin & mark those you know who need to stay on, or be removed from, the list. Your marked bulletin can be put in the box on the back pew.
  • Teachers, please return Spring quarter material to the resource room.

   TODAY – 2nd Sunday fellowship meal after morning worship

   TODAY – VBS meeting after evening worship

   June 9-12 – Gospel Meeting – Fairview Road; speaker – Jimmy Clark

   June 21-23 – Southeastern Soul Saving Seminar: “Seven B” – Adamsville

   June 22 – Amy & Josh’s Wedding; 4pm at Riverchase church of Christ

   June 23-27 – Gospel Meeting – Oxford; speaker – Barry Grider

   June 23-29 – Turn in forms for new Secret Sisters; revealing June 29th – 9am

   June 29 – Lectureship – Waco. GA; “Abiding in the Doctrine”

   June 30 – 5th Sunday – fellowship lunch followed by evening service at 12:30pm

   July 7-10 – VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL! Please see Ande to help.


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