How do they grow?

“but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”  (2 Pet 3:18)

 A conversation with our young people just amazes me, especially now. I have watched some who are preparing to graduate this year prepare for this moment for years and years. Some who are entering high school I remember when they were just small children. I have watched them grow in knowledge of school , I have spent time doing homework with many of them.  I have watched some of them grow as athletes, some as musicians, and many other things, but most importantly I have seen each one grow a servant of God. Sometimes we just have to look back at out bible classes to remind ourselves just how much they have grown. From a spiritual perspective, how do our kids grow?

They grow because of bible class: We truly have some of the best teachers ever here at Logan Martin. So many of you work so hard week in and week out to make plans for your class. You should be commended for your efforts because you shape our young people.

They grow because they participate in activities with one another: Fellowship was important in the early church (Acts 2:42, 1 John 1:7), Whether devotional, or area wide devotional, or retreat, every activity that our kids participate in is designed to assist them in spiritual growth.  Even activities that are just for “fun” are still important for our young people because they are fellowshipping with fellow like minded Christians. Our young people need to be together for a variety of reasons to help them to grow.

Our kids grow from study of the word of God: Paul makes it very clear we can not grow spiritually without studying the word of God (Rom10:17). The study they do here at Logan Martin and the study that they do at home are important. Our kids are spending more and more time studying God’s word, and the results are showing. Think about it this way, how many hours do the kids here spend studying for test? How many hours do they spend practicing for a sporting event? How many hours do they spend in school? Most importantly how many hours do they spend in the word of God? I hope you see the correlation. It doesn’t take long to notice the desire the young people have here to study the word of God, and it doesn’t take long to notice the growth that has come from it!

Our kids learn from our example:  We all learn from example, whether good or bad. Trust me the people you are around influence you for the good, or the bad. Paul makes sure to tell the young man Timothy to be a good example to those who believe (1 Tim4:12). There were many times I wondered why Timothy would need to be an example to those who believe. However, Paul realized something most people don’t, and that is that examples matter!!! Our kids learn from the examples set by their parents, and parents, whether it is making sure your kids are here for class and services, or making sure your kids are present for activities, or making sure that you spend time in the study of Gods word with your kids, your example matters, and the results are clearly seen! Thank you parents for your great example!

Ande Z