Harry Potter #7

 I feel like I have to admit, the whole Harry Potter thing is very new to me. I have watched through the years as new movies have come out, following the book series. The plot is nearly the same in all the movies, there are those who are magical, and those who are not, and there is always a battle in the school of magic referred to as “Hogwarts” to save the land. The movies have been very successful, and this past week the last and final movie has debuted at the local theatre, and just like all the other movies, this movie has all the makings to be very successful at the box office. Through the whole week people were interviewed, wearing capes, and robes, speaking about their desire to see “Hogwarts” one last time. This movie is referred to as “The End” by Harry Potter fans because this will be the last movie made in this series.

All things here on earth have a beginning, and all things earthly also have an end. Only God is referred to as having no beginning and no end, and also being the beginning and end of all things (Re1:8). The Bible records that “In the beginning God created the heavens and earth” (Gen 1:1), and the bible also records that this world will have an end where all things will be “burned up” (2 Pet 3:10), and in the middle men have spent countless hours attempting to locate the “meaning of life” as they see it. The bible is clear about our duty here to “fear God and keep His commandments” (Eccl 12:13) and informs us that this is the “whole duty of man”.

While we are here, all of our time, energy and effort should be directed to the best of our ability at “fearing God and keeping His commandments”, our life is to be reflective to others of God (Phil 2:5), and our conduct is to always be worthy of the gospel of Christ (Phil 1:27). Think of this, if each of us were to serve God for 100 years, completely faithful, to keep His commandments always to the best of our ability, how short of a time is that compared to eternity? We are not here long, and our time here is limited, but think of the great rewards we can have for eternity for faithfully serving God until we draw our last breath here on earth. God has promised us a crown of life and an inheritance that will “never fade away” (1 Pet 1:4). While we do not live in a magical or mythical land of “Hogwarts”, and although our world will not come to an end because of a battle between mythical beings, we do know that our time here is not permanent, this world is not our home, and our goal is to strive to spend eternity in our heavenly home.

Ande Z