Growing in the grace and knowledge

Sara and I were fortunate last week to attend the “Pioneer Conference” with the Mount Juliet church of Christ last weekend. Many of you are familiar with the Mount Juliet congregation and their affiliation with events such as Polishing the Pulpit among others. The conference was designed to help Christians reach others both inside and outside the body of Christ. The lessons were very well designed and we are thankful for the Elders and members here at Logan Martin that allow us to be part of events like this.

Growth is a difficult topic. I was fortunate to be able to speak in November on the topic of “growing”. The formula is in place for growth, it comes because of our desire for the “sincere milk of the word” (1 Pet 2:2) and our diligence in study of it (Heb 11:6; Rom 10:17).  We look for growth physically in our children, and plants, we look for growth in our 401K and even in our salary year over year. We understand that when we do not see growth something is unnatural and wrong. God’s word gives no suggestions, and God expects that each and every Christian will grow (2 Pet 3:18), into a likeness of Christ (Gal 4:19).

The world is a busy place. In 2015 we have had faster iPhones, better satellite, threats to National Security and the economy that we have never seen before. The country has seen changes in health care, changes in wages, changes in work ethic and changes in the moral compass of many individuals.  The current news is more prevalent now on our hand held phones then in years past on every addition in of the newspaper and evening news broadcast on any given day. In times like these rest assured that the devil is moving full steam ahead to distract you and I from growing as God demands. 2015 is coming to an end, but it is never too late to grow.

While the last few days of the year are busy preparing for trips and guest, wrapping presents and large meals spend time each and every day with your family studying from the words of eternal life. It is God’s recipe for growth when those words are studied and applied. I am looking forward to much more information coming for each of our families in the coming weeks on growing our relationship with God and one another. Thank you for this congregation for the wonderful example you set for the world by your actions every day.

Ande Z
December 22 –  Devo at the Zimmerman’s
December 27-30th Exposure Youth Camp
January 17th – Mini Kiddos Devo time from 11:15-5:00 – Activities – Baker family and Mays family.
February 26th – 28th – CYC in Gatlinburg (final deposit due January 10th)
April 1st and 2nd – Family Retreat