February 3, 2013

Logan Martin

Church of Christ

09:00  Jesus My Friend who Loves Me

10:00  Jesus My Friend who Liberates Me

11:15  Lunch provided at building

12:30  Jesus My Friend who Leads Me

Welcome to Friends Day


Friends Day is a wonderful day of the year. We are so very happy to have each of you with us. You are our honored quest and we want you to feel at home. You are welcomed to visit the Logan Martin church of Christ every time we meet, not only on Friends Day.

We use Friends Day as a time to place emphasis on inviting our friends to come to worship service with us. As your friend we desire to tell you about the most important thing in our lives and that is Jesus Christ our Lord.

Today, we will study lessons from the Bible which present Jesus Christ as our friend. Jesus is our friend who loved us so much that He sacrificed His life so that we can have Heaven as our eternal home.

If you have any questions throughout the day, please feel free to ask. Thank you for being with us.




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