Friends Day 2013


February 3, 2013

Logan Martin

Church of Christ

09:00  Jesus My Friend who Loves Me

10:00  Jesus My Friend who Liberates Me

11:15  Lunch provided at building

12:30  Jesus My Friend who Leads Me

Be a friend; Bring a friend



Friends Day is a wonderful opportunity to invite our friends, who are not members of the Lord’s church, to come to worship with us.  Each member of Logan Martin is challenged to bring a friend to services. There may be many who have promised to come and visit “someday”; Friends Day turns “someday” into “that” day.

As we fill out our surveys with our neighbors, it will also be a great time to invite them to Friends Day. Friends Day has been moved to earlier in the year, so as to not conflict with Decoration Sundays in the spring.  Let us take advantage of the opportunity to be the best friend our friends have ever known. Let us be the friend who leads our friends to eternity in Heaven.




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