Exposure Youth Camp

I have made up my mind that one year I will count the number of miles our youth group travels, between youth days, and service projects, and trips just for fun, we spend a lot of time each year on the road. There are a lot of notable events, we are fortunate to have young people that attend both ICYC and Backwoods camp each summer and spend a week there learning and studying from their bibles. We have some young people that go to leadership camp each summer as well and some of our young men will learn to prepare lessons, while our young ladies will learn how to teach children’s classes, ect. We attend youth days all over the state, and even travel to other states to be a part of events where our young people can study the word of God with others their age.

Solomon begins the last chapter of the book of Ecclesiastes with this thought “Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth” (Eccl 12:1). We have a task to ensure that our young people are exposed to the word of God at every available opportunity they have, and we are fortunate to have an Eldership which whole heartedly supports each of our efforts in this endeavor. One of the biggest events that we attend each year comes up in just about ten weeks. Exposure youth camp will be held again in Huntsville, and will feature a number of wonderful speakers. This camp will run December 27th – 30th and will feature a number of bible classes, devotionals, and keynote addresses to help to equip our young people to walk away better prepared to serve God

The theme this year is “Powered by Love” and will be based in a study of agape love that is described in 1 Cor 13:1ff.  EACH of our young people need to make plans to be here for this event, this is not something you want to miss. The accommodations are first class as we will be in the Embassy Suites agin this year, the lessons are first class, with some of the best keynote speakers, and class teachers around. Our time to register is limited, and each person going needs to make plans to pay a deposit of $65 which will be due no later than November 20th. I hope you will make your plans to attend and to be with us again this year at Exposure Youth Camp.

Ande Z