Christians Will

Isn’t it an amazing thing that we live in a world where we are identified so many times by the things we do. I have heard my entire life that its not what you say, but it is what you do. My granddad preached it to me from a very young age that people will know you by the things that you do. The principle my granddad laid down for me so many years ago is true about those who are Christians, there are things God has said that Christians WILL do, look at a few here.

Christians will love God:  (Matt 22:37) – Jesus was clear that those who are followers of Christ will love God. God is to be first and have preeminence in the life of a Christian.

Christians will place priority on spiritual matters –  (Matt 6:33) – Seeking first the Kingdom of heaven is a priority for every Christian. The kingdom of heaven refers to the church. The Hebrew writer places additional emphasis on the importance of our church attendance by reminding us of our duty to “not forsake the assembling of ourselves together” (Heb 10:25). Others will identify the Christian by their priorities, and church attendance and activities should always be a priority.

Christians will love one another: (John 13:35) – Jesus lays down a foundation for the love that we should have for each other and says that the world will identify us as Christians by the love we have for each other. The term love used here refers to the agape love that we should show for each other. Yes, you are correct, loving each other does not automatically make us a Christian, but it is a commandment that Jesus has given, that shows the world will identify us as Christians by our love for each other.

This concept is understood in sports, it is understood in our jobs, and our schools, and should be applied to our Christian lives as well.

Christians will keep the commandments of God: (John 14:15). The Christian’s love for God should be unquestioned, but Jesus gives us direction on how we show our love for God, and says “If you love me, keep my commandments”. The concept seems so simple, that to show our love for God, we simply do what He says.

The Christian life was never promised as an easy life, but it is the only life with a promised eternal reward.

Ande Z