Be Still

The events of the last few weeks have almost been overwhelming, this past week I was given an opportunity that I always enjoy, to speak at JCA for their chapel service.  I admired how the students who were there were quiet , attentive and respectful during times of singing, and as the lesson was being presented. There is much to be said for those students taking fifteen minutes of their morning to listen to the word of God. Sometimes we believe that our only option in “being still” and to acknowledge God, happens only during times of bible study and worship, but the truth is, all of us have the opportunity to “be still”.

The fact is the Psalmist wrote to “be still” and we know that “all scripture” is profitable for us (2 Tim 3:16.). It seems like we understand the principle in so many things, but what exactly does God mean when He says we should “be still”?

The term “be still” comes from the term “raphah” and it is a term which means to “withdraw,” or to “slacken’. The term is used in other places in the Old Testament to mean “cease, forsake, leave and let alone”. The Psalmist is speaking about getting away from distractions we may see in everyday life. We may use this to mean “solitude”.  Sometimes it is good for us to get away from things and spend time concentrating on what God, and reflecting on His word.

Being still though is not enough. The Psalmist further goes to say “and know”. The term used here is interesting, there are other places it is translated concerning Abram to “know of a surety” (Gen 15:16) it is also in the book of Nehemiah as “And I perceived” (Neh. 13:10).  The Psalmist translates the same word as “I acknowledged” (Psalms 32:5), How interesting it is to read other translations of this same root word “yada”. God expects us to take time to know for sure, to perceive, and acknowledge that He is God.

Time flies, are days are all so full, we can get lost in the hustle in bustle of all that we do. We take time to be still in so many things, I pray we all take a moment each day to “be still, and know that (He) is God”.

Ande Z