Area Wide Youth Devotional

“Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth” (Eccl 12:1)


It is hard to believe that we are already in the “spring of the year”, and the spring of the year means it is time for the annual Area Wide Youth Devotional at Logan Martin. Our Area Wide Devotionals have always been one of the events that draw much attention to our congregation. Our young people travel monthly to our sister congregations to fellowship with other Christian young people, and study from the word of God, and tonight we will have the opportunity to fellowship with some wonderful young people. What do we need to do? Here is a list of things we need to be prepared for tonight.


  1. 1.       Be here early: Our services will start at 5:00 pm tonight, which is a change from our normal 6:00pm starting time. In addition there will be a number of visitors who will arrive early. Make sure you are here early to greet our visitors.


  1. 2.       Invite someone: Events such as Gospel meetings, Homecoming, Friends Day, VBS, and many other events are wonderful opportunities to invite someone to be with us. We should always make efforts to invite and to bring guests, but opportunities such as tonight are a wonderful time for your friends and neighbors to be with us.


  1. 3.        Bring food: We have asked each person to bring either individual packs of chips, or drinks for our guest, please make sure those items area here, we will also need coolers to keep all those drinks cold, if you have them bring them with you tonight. For those who have been so gracious to bring hot dogs or buns please bring those too. Be here early enough to set up and be ready.


  1. 4.       Worship God in spirit and truth: The lesson will be wonderful, and the singing will be wonderful, and most importantly God will be worshipped in accordance with His will. Many times at our events we spend so much time in preparation that it is easy to forget the reason we are here. Ultimately, we will be here to offer our worship and praise to our Creator.


Brother John Rice from Backwoods Christian Camp will spend time with us tonight speaking from God’s word concerning the overall theme of “Prayer,” and specifically “the audience of prayer”. John will spend time talking about our prayers to God the Father given in the name of Jesus Christ the Son. What a great evening it will be.


Ande Z


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