2013 Camp Season

It’s been called “a little taste of heaven on earth”. Many could liken the experience to the “upper room” in which the disciples found themselves speaking with Jesus Himself. Many of our kids will be returning to camp again this week to wrap up the summer at Backwoods Christian Camp. I will also return to assist in directing the final session of the summer for 2013. The summer for many of our kids has been filled with camp. Ask any of our kids who have spent time at Backwoods or Indian Creek this summer what their thoughts are regarding camp, and for most it will be positive. Why camp? What makes the time at our Christian camps so special to our young people?

The word of God is taught and kept first: We are to “study” or “be diligent” to show our selves approved to God (2 Tim 3:15). Contrary to what many may say, spending time in the word of God is the only way God has ever prescribed for the faith of someone to grow (Rom 10:17). It has been said that there is more Bible taught in one week of Bible camp than in a quarter of Bible study at a local congregation, and that sounds accurate.  We should never doubt the benefits of planting the seed (word of God).  Through the first three weeks of camp at Backwoods there were 16 souls who were baptized into Christ and became our new brothers and sisters in Christ.

The fellowship is important:  Camp provides a “spiritual” atmosphere with those who sincerely want to go to Heaven to fellowship with each other. We all have friends and associates who are not members of the church, but we can all agree that who we fellowship with is important.  Through the fellowship of our Christian camps we see many new friendships formed.  The Hebrew writer reminds us that by our attendance in spiritual events we encourage one another. Many of our young people have even met their life-long mate while at a Christian camp. What a great benefit!

The atmosphere will help you grow and mature: The Psalmist reminds us that there is time which we need to “be still” (Psm 46:10). The purpose is so that we can have time to meditate on God and who God is. We live in a busy time and a busy age where sitting down reflecting on God is not always an easy thing. Camp provides that atmosphere where we can truly “be still” and meditate on the word of God and the lessons taught.

We should ALL spend time studying and growing and fellowshipping with one another. Camp (regardless of your choice of BCC or ICYC) provides all these elements in one week of time.  Thank you, young people, for your desire to learn and study the word of God, and your example in fellowshipping with your brothers and sisters at camp. What a privilege it is to work with so many great camps in our area.

Ande Z


TODAY – Leave for CAMP
August 2-3rd – SEC @ Faulkner !!