This is your section of our website. Our youth program cannot operate with you and your participation. Your job is not easy, Paul is clear in his instructions to parents that “Fathers do not provoke your children to wrath, but bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord” (Eph 6:4). The bringing up of your children in the training of the Lord is difficult in a day of IPOD, TV’s, Internet, and a number of sporting events that occupy the time of your children

I could think of no better statement for our youth group than we serve to help our children “grow in wisdom and stature”, and “increase in the knowledge of God’s word, and in favor of each other”. What a great group of young people we have, and what a great group of parents we have.

I know that being a parent is not easy. I know the time and labor it requires to make it happen day in and day out. I pray that this youth ministry helps to build on the things you have spent time on at home, and I pray that our work here helps equip your child for a life of service to our Lord.

Ande Zimmerman – youth/associate minister

My Pledge to you:
I pledge that this youth program will be a program that will have its focus on strengthening the knowledge of the word of God in our children.

I pledge that activities will be designed and executed to serve three purposes;

  1. To increase the knowledge of the word of God in our children
  2. To help our young people in spend time in serving others
  3. To provide an atmosphere for each of our children to be together to strengthen each other.

I pledge that the Parents of the Logan Martin Youth Ministry will be the most informed parents anywhere. This page will be continuously updated with information below that is just for you.