Church Events

We have a wonderful church family, involved in so many wonderful works. I am excited about the extra opportunities that will be rolled out in the next few weeks for our families. For parents and families please keep the dates above in mind when making your calendar! If you have any suggestions on things that you would like to see our families participate in please feel free to let me know! Thank you to each and every person for the work you do, with our busy schedules never let the devil convince us that we are too busy for things with eternal significance!

Bi Weekly Youth Devotionals The pressures of the world are alive and well in our schools and extra curricular activities.. Bi-Weekly youth Devotionals are designed to give our 6th-12th grade group time with each other outside of bible class.. Activities are designed to encourage fellowship, and lessons are designed to help our young people better face the challenges presented to them daily..
Men’s Breakfast and Devotional – Each month breakfast and devotional takes place to promote fellowship and encourage our younger and older men in the roles God has designed for them.. Breakfast is always hot and fresh, and the lessons are always presented on timely topics from the word of God.
Ladies Breakfast and Devotional -Each month our ladies get together for a time of fellowship and encouragement with one another. There are always a variety of activities and lessons to promote faithful service and encouragement to both our older and younger ladies .
Congregational breakfast – Quarterly our breakfast is combined into one large congregational breakfast to bring everyone together for a meal and devotional ..
Family Devotional The family unit is important in the church. Families have unique stressors in the time we live in. Following the pattern of Acts 2:42 we look to meet at least monthly outside of the times appointed for worship to have an activity with our families to promote fellowship, and study from the word of God